Conflict perspectives: Feminism (P1)

Some people confuse feminism with the idea of sexism. Instead, feminism is not the belief that women are better than men but supports that men and women should have equal opportunities in life. Feminism is a sociological perspective supported by women who aim to end the exploitation of women by men in every aspect of life. This includes equal education and employment for women and men. Feminists are opponents to patriarchal societies, where men have power over women and make all the decisions. In such a society women have not got voice or vote.  

 There are three main forms of feminism:

Radical feminism: supports that women are better than men and are capable to live without men which means that they do not need men at all. They fight against patriarchy and instead support matriarchy societies where they will be able to lead men and have all the authority over men.

Marxist feminism: very influenced by the perspective of Karl Marx of equality. Supports that women and men should have equal opportunities however, women, especially working class women, are being exploited. Marxist feminists also have a more revolutionary attitude towards archiving their aims. Their aims are to play a greater role within society. Instead of being the men’s helpers they want be leaders and make the decisions along with them.

Liberal feminism: liberal feminist support that society has changed and that women are now playing a better role within society. They also believe that legislations such as the Equal Pay Act (1970) and the Sex Discrimination Act (1975) has helped to improve and will continue improving the situation of women.


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